dallergut dream department store:  the dream you ordered is sold out

Author and illustrator: Mi-ye Lee

Translation rights represented: European languages

Most sold book in Korea in 2021 

Over 750,000 copies sold

#1 > Ebook Bestseller list in 3 weeks

#19 > Kyobo Bestseller list, #3 > Fiction

#Achieved 1,812% in Tumblbug

Rights sold: English USA, English UK, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish, Italian, French, German, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Complex Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Turkish

Film/TV rights sold

Crowned the most sold book in Korea in 2021, this is a healing, immersive crossover fantasy novel. 

There is a village where you can go only in your sleep. The most popular spot in this village is Dallergut Dream Department Store that collects and sells all kinds of dreams. Every day, the store is crowded with human and animal customers, whoever wants to fill their long sleep or short nap. Each floor in the department store sells a special genre of dreams, including dreams about childhood, trips, and eating delicious food, as well as nightmares and mysterious dreams. The main character, Penny, who had a job interview for her dream job at the Dallergut Dream Department Store, finally got the job. She is assigned to work at the front desk on the first floor with a veteran staff member, Mrs. Weather, but on the very first day at work, the most expensive dreams were stolen. 

The characters in this story include: Dallergut , the flamboyant owner of the department store; Penny, an enthusiastic, newly hired employee; Aganap Coco, producer of special dreams; and Vigo Myers, an employee in mystery. Here is a secretive yet touching story that plays out in the Dallergut Dream Department Store. A captivating story that will leave a lingering magical feeling in readers’ minds, this is the first book in a best-selling duology for adults and young adults exhausted from reality.

Mi-ye Lee was born in Busan. She studied materials engineering at Busan National University and worked as a semiconductor engineer. She wrote and published this novel in crowdfunding site, which reached the goal successfully thanks to enthusiastic support from readers in their teens and 20s.