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A foreign rights, co-editions and international publishing agency specialised in children’s books. I represent literary agencies and publishing houses worldwide and into specific territories. I am passionate about bringing new and diverse voices onto the global market for children around the world to enjoy.


Yulu's Linen

The Hare and Haru


Under My Bed

I Am a Capybara

Wee Pee Boy


This Book is Full of...

The School Tree

The Big House and the Small House

Time to Tell My Secret

Yes, I Know

Sancho Cactus' Dream

Paw in the Surgery

Dino Meditation

A House Guest and My Mother

I Am Taller Than You

The Starving Wolf

Kenji Doesn't Speak a Word

The Odyssey

Finnish Animal Fables

Family Album


Chirri and Chirra


Can You Find My Robot's Arm?

If You Meet a Bear

It's Not that Scary


Bardon-Chinese Media Agency, China and Taiwan

Japan Uni Agency, Japan

Korea Copyright Center, Korea

Three top agencies bringing some of East Asia's most exciting children's titles.

I represent their lists in Europe, Latin America, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Berbay Publishing, Australia

Creating synergies between East and West, Berbay is an innovative hub of children's fiction and non-fiction. I promote their list in Italy, UK, Spain and Latin America.

Ghirigori Agency, Italy

I collaborate with this creative literary agency on the sale of foreign rights throughout the World excluding Italy and France.

Iwasaki Publishing, Japan

Since 1948, Iwasaki has been at the heart of Japanese children's literature. I represent their lists in Europe, Latin America, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Kalandraka Editora, Spain

Stunning illustrated books for children of all ages. I represent their foreing rights throughout the World excluding China.

Pulce and Pane e Sale, Italy

Sister publishing houses with zesty lists ranging from picture books and board books, to children's novels and gift books. I represent their foreign rights throughout the World.

Rights & Brands, Sweden

Rights & Brands represent iconic Nordic brands, artists and authors.

I promote their list in Italy.

White Star Kids, Italy

A wide catalogue of non-fiction and educational titles, activity books, box sets, and illustrated classics and fairytales. I am their international sales consultant with a special focus on Latin America, Brazil, UK and Scandinavia.


If you would like to enquire about a title, see my catalogue or explore how else I can help your publishing business,

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